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Does your company offer weekend rates?

Yes, weekend special rates are available upon request.

Does your company carry insurance?

Yes, Playground Bounce House rentals is fully licensed and insured.

What is the space required to setup bouncer? 

The space needed depends on the unit that you have selected.  Check the dimensions of the particular inflatable you are renting.

What kind of surface is needed for setup? 

Preferably a flat level lawn surface that is free of debris such as pet waste, sticks, rocks, etc with no overhead obstructions such as branches, electrical wires, etc. We will not setup in yards with pet waste.

Area must me completely clear of any and all pet waste.

What if it rains? 

It is not recommended to operate bouncer in the rain. If it starts raining, have kids leave bouncer and turn off the blower and let bouncer deflate. COVER THE BLOWER WITH THE PROVIDED TARP OR ENTRANCE MAT, WATER WILL RUIN THE BLOWER. Once the rain has stopped, uncover the blower and turn on the fan to inflate bouncer and YOU MUST DRY THE INSIDE OF THE BOUNCER THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING IT. There are no refunds if it rains during your event. The weather is funny, sometimes it is a beautiful and sunny in the morning and then it rains later in the day. Nobody has control over it. 

If the forecast is calling for bad weather we will call you the day before or morning of your rental to discuss a change of date. We reserve the right not to set up our equipment due to bad weather. It's not safe for the kids and it's not good for our equipment.

Cancellation Fees

Our cancellation policy is simple.  If we can not set up due to weather we refund you deposit.  If you cancel for any other reason we reserve the right to keep the deposit.  

Does the bounce house need to be anchored? 

Yes. We use stakes when placed on a lawn.

How are they powered? 

They are inflated using an electric blower unit which is powered by a standard 110v electrical outlet. If an outlet is not available a gas powered generator can be supplied for a fee. Please ask for details. 

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver and setup the unit. Time involved in the setup is approximately 30 minutes depending on the size of the unit and the location where the unit will be setup. Delivery charges may apply to some area's. We do not provide customer pick-up.

What are other names for Bounce Houses?

Moonwalks, jumpers, moonjumps, bouncers, bouncy jumps, inflatable bouncers, inflatable jumpers, inflatable moonwalks, inflatable moonbouncers. 

How many children can fit in a bouncer at one time? 

15' x 15' units age 8 and under approx 8 
age 9-12 approx 6 to 8 
teens 13 - 18 approx 4 to 5 
Adults 18 and older approx 2-3 

Are the units clean? 

All units are thoroughly cleaned after each rental as well as safety inspected.

What are your Bounced / Returned Check service fees?

We charge a returned check fee of $40.